Professor Alexandre GEORGES

Researcher in Theoretical Physics specializing in Cosmology, author, former director of research program in nuclear physics, Dolos list administrator, academic teacher ... But young scientist above all!

On my website, I will share with you my curriculum, informations about my professional activities, news about me, but also my publications, reactions, and passions.

Having retired to a small town in Great Britain (I returned to France a few weeks ago), I can, while continuing to manage my regular business, devote more time to my personal research work.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles I will publish here ...

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Science is not an opinion

Why this addition of the newspaper l'Opinion and the NoFakeScience collective to the Dolos list? Some answers to atribune that does not really try to bring the general public closer to the scientific consensus ...

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A weak understanding of the nature of Space-Time

I invite you to consult my contribution to the 25th General Congress of the French Physical Society (Société Française de Physique), which took place from July 8 to 12 in Nantes, France.

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Predatory and pseudo-scientific publishi


Predatory and pseudo-scientific publishing: A major threat to scientific rigor and research

Editage Insights invited me to publish about predatory publishing in their magazine. Thank you for this opportunity !

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