Jan 12, 2018

Experiments on animals



Necessary or stupid and cruel?


Many researchers have addressed this issue. Many people agree that testing animals for medical or pharmaceutical purposes can be dangerous for humans, especially because animals do not react in the same way as we do to treatments. The results can be biased and a good drug in the laboratory can be ineffective, even dangerous, once released on the market. The justification for these experiments is then only financial (it is indeed less expensive to test products on animals instead of paying volunteers for that). The impertinence of the method in question and its indisputable cruelty render necessary the abandonment of it and its definitive prohibition. Its use is also already spread in Europe in the cosmetics sector, but the road is still long and it is for us, in the name of civilization and the time we represent, a duty to evolve, without which future generations will be right to judge us, with the same look that we have on past centuries.


I am currently working on a dossier dealing with this issue, which will be published and sent to European politicians who can intervene in favor of the final and absolute cessation of these practices. Every action is important.

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