Office - How to contribute?

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Professor Alexandre GEORGES - Projet Energium |

The section dedicated to contributions will allow researchers and science world stakeholders to speak publicly about the Dolos list. We will accumulate several proposals before starting the publication of the opinions received. No deadline has been established. These contributions are likely to be examined by my office.

There are, for the moment, two types of contributions: Opinions on the Dolos list, the world of research, scientific ethics, and the dissemination of false scientific information and letters where you can write to me publicly to respond to news about the Dolos list, its updates, or my articles about it.

To contribute, you must register on this website. You will then be contacted by my office, who will invite you to submit your contribution. It will be reviewed and, if approved, your registration as a contributor will be validated and you will be able to freely publish your article. The article will then be re-examined and the office reserves the right to reject any contribution.

Once your first contribution is published, you will keep your member account and will be able to continue to share your views on the website more easily.

The office may have to invite potential contributors because of their career, notoriety, or engagements against the dissemination of pseudo-scientific information.

Professor Alexandre GEORGES