Dolos list

List of predatory, parasitic, or pseudoscientific publishers and journals

Because Science does not need lack of rigor and seriousness, we do not need them ...


First of all, all services provided by the Dolos List team are completely free for researchers, institutions, and public authorities. Also, the Dolos list is an independent initiative and must remain so. We can not, therefore, respond positively to the donation proposals we receive, but, sincerely, we greatly value your interest in scientific rigor and ethics.

Then, these services are complementary to the regular activities of the Dolos list. You can always submit items to add to our blacklist by following the usual procedure.

Important note: If you receive a proposal for non-free equivalent services from an entity using the name of the Dolos list or mine, it is a scam. Do not respond to this attempted fraud and, if possible, contact us to tell us about the problem. Services of the Dolos list are completely free.

Finally, these services are intended to respond to the problems of researchers generated by predatory publishing. The goal is to remove from pseudo-scientific journals the opportunity to gain credibility by highlighting authors or writers and to protect the reputation and work of researchers against predatory publishing.

The Dolos list has already, at the request of researchers, asked journals to remove names or articles from their site. At the time of writing, we have already managed to bend 30 predatory journals and publishers, to protect the reputation and interests of the researchers who requested our help.

Examples of services that will be offered here are therefore:
- Researchers wanting to remove their article from a predatory journal.
- Researchers who want to interrupt a publication process.
- Researchers who want to withdraw their name from an editorial board.
- Institutions whose name has been used fraudulently by a predatory publisher, who will have used it to gain undue credibility.

- Institutions that, at the request of their researchers, want all articles belonging to their researchers to be removed from a journal.
- Public authorities who will need information in the course of their investigations.

In order to benefit from these services, please complete this form:

Researchers - Request for interruption of publication
My office needs all this information to ensure your identity. We will not make any commercial use of it.