Dolos list

List of predatory, parasitic, or pseudoscientific publishers and journals

Because Science does not need lack of rigor and seriousness, we do not need them ...

Statements - Scientific publishing ethics

The Dolos list is here for you, researchers, journalists, or readers of the general public. It has an informative character and is at your disposal if you still doubt a journal or publisher who is not listed.

The predatory publishing sector is harmful to the researchers that it scams, to the journalists that it deludes, and to the general public that it misinforms. It is dangerous for public health, sometimes promoting dubious practices and toxic products that it will present as innocuous or curative. Science and people would suffer greatly from its expansion.

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Taylor & Francis: Pseudoscientific and criminal ... Probably the most fraudulent "scientific" publisher on this planet!

October 2018

Revelations from the Dolos List team about Taylor & Francis ...

Homeopathy is not a medical practice!

October 2018

Homeopathy is not a medical practice or a science, that's okay. Yet this business sector generates a significant income by masquerading as true medicine. For this public health problem, Professor GEORGES is speaking here ...

Special statement: The legitimate scientific publishing ... Irreproachable?

September 2018

Is the legitimate scientific publishing sector irreproachable? Does the seriousness of the content induce perfectly legal practices? This is what we will see here ...

DOAJ, a real whitelist?

September 2018

We receive many messages about additions to the list of journals or publishers that are on the established DOAJ list, which is supposed to be a whitelist of journals or publishers. Professor GEORGES answers you here ...