Dolos list

List of predatory, parasitic, or pseudoscientific publishers and journals

Because Science does not need lack of rigor and seriousness, we do not need them ...

Are your threats useful?

Remove or I ...


To begin, no. All you gain is a definitive addition to the Dolos list. There has been so much that we do not take the pain to mention it on the list and we get rid of your emails before even considering answering.

What are these threats?

In most cases, they are like: "If your website is not deactivated, strict action will be taken." or "Please remove our publisher, which is quite serious, from your list or a court will compel you."

First of all, a website costs money. Do you really think I will delete it for you? And which court are you talking about? The only authorities that I will consider legitimate are the French judicial institutions. If you think they will be sensitive to your problems, you can try to address them, but I doubt that it goes further than a paper ball throw in the office bin of a magistrate's assistant . In the best case, by writing them in acceptable English, you will allow them to practice their reading of the Shakespeare language. As for the extradition agreements linking France and countries like India, they do not cover minor offenses. My next vacation is scheduled for Israel and Japan, I doubt to have to respond to such invitation if I received. Argumentation to review, so ... In addition, with a little knowledge of French Justice, you would know that the 6 years of the probationary period would be much more interesting.

Words such as "you are not a real researcher" or "you harm science" are, at best, irrelevant or, at worst, ridiculous. For information, you will find my professor's degree in the information and documentation section of my website. In other words, stay polite, go back to bed, and let the adults work.

What would be the consequences if a threat was perceived as serious?


In the worst case, they would lead to prosecution. Otherwise, you may be entitled to an article of your own in response to this threat. Threats to my employees, although it never happened, will be particularly badly received.

How can my journal be removed from the Dolos list?

The operation section of my website discusses this issue in detail. In most cases, your journal will can request a probation for a period of 6 years.

The best choice is still to ensure that your journal never appears on the Dolos list, with acceptable practices and scientifically valid content.

Best regards,

Professor Alexandre GEORGES.



Article published in September 2018.