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Vaccination, myths and reality ...

To begin, I must admit to having hesitated a lot when writing this article. Indeed, one of the rules of the Dolos list is to never personally attack researchers or individuals in particular. But in the case we are discussing today, it was difficult to write without getting irritated by Physicians for Informed Consent and its members. So I will just quote this pseudo-intellectual organization, although to quote these researchers would have given me a great satisfaction (seriously, I do not understand how they became doctors with so few active neurons).

What is vaccination?

Vaccination is a process that allows the body to develop adaptive immune responses by inoculating an innocuous version of a pathogen, that the body can identify and will fight effectively in the event of a new infection. The concept of immune memory is not recent (see variolation) and methods to stimulate it have evolved greatly to our modern vaccines. This method allowed to almost completely eradicate (see the more complete french Wikipedia pagerabies (vaccine discovered and tested for the first time in 1885 by Louis Pasteur), smallpox, tuberculosis, tetanus, etc ...

What's the problem ?


The problem is that a very small minority of doctors, including the organization Physicians for Informed Consent, highlight the danger of these vaccines. If some side effects have been clearly identified, I would like to clarify one point: There are no serious studies showing that the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease it prevents.

At first, I was going to show you a video of a child dying of rabies. But to see a child who is dehydrated for several days because he can no longer drink and who dies in this way would probably have prevented me from re-reading my article after publication. I will still talk about it:

Because if it is still possible to administer a curative vaccine after infection, because of the slow spread of the rabies virus, once the disease is declared, the chances of survival are almost non-existent. The only people who survived had severe sequelae and rescued using experimental methods. Even in this case, the chances of survival are, at best, no more than 20%.

The only solution is vaccination and constant vigilance, including the placement of vaccine baits to eliminate the risk of spread in wild animals. When a patient is infected, he can be vaccinated immediately. In this case, he will heal and live.

And despite all this, you still think that it is better to avoid vaccines so that we do not inject a little aluminum? It's like jumping off the balcony to avoid dying of old age. It's just completely stupid!

Why do they oppose the vaccine?

Sorry, but I remain convinced that these doctors have strong psychiatric problems. That's the only explanation I find. The evidence is so obvious ... I think they need some attention and they hope to be considered modern Galileo by utterly incoherent words.

Seriously, you are not Galileo. You are just a group of frustrated doctors. All you do is spread dangerous information in order to get some attention in pseudoscientific newspapers like Nexus and some of the people change their behavior for you. Congratulations! These people have been gullible enough to trust and your association and your pseudo-liberal and pseudo-intellectual ideas.

Because the danger of such behavior is not that individuals stop getting vaccinated. It would only be natural selection. But they could be led to not vaccinate their children. So, again, congratulations! Whenever a child dies because their parents are afraid of vaccines, I hope you have at least the decency to send them flowers.

Best regards,

Professor Alexandre GEORGES.



Article published in October 2018.